Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Funday - WinterPark, Ruidoso, NM

Picking up where I left off...

After we reached the summit of Ski Apache, we slowly came back down the mountain and proceed to feed our tummies!!!  Unfortunately, I do not have any good food reports to tell from NM.  Except my moms pork tenderloin.  That was yummers. 

I adore these photos of Layla because they show her sneaky side....that I know very well exists!

After lunch, we headed over to Winter Park.  It is a snow tubing area with huge snow slides to cruise down.  Plus they have a kiddie park area, so Layla could get all of her energy OUT!  Sounds perfect...

You know I HAD to do this.  You know me by now, right!?

So, we {me and Layla, the parents just watched} headed to the Kidz Korral so Layla could get her fun on. 

Yep.  That's it!  That was her one and only time down the kiddie slope.   She said, 'on to the next one...'not really, but basically. 

Luckily, she was able to ride with me on a double seat tube.  She was too short to ride alone, but um....I wouldn't want her riding down those slopes by herself anyway!  Win, win for mommy.

Here is our first slide...

We have the same facial expression here, which kinda cracks me up.

And this next pass is off of slope # 2...which clearly states, via posted sign..."This slide has two bumps.  You WILL go airborne."  I eyed it and was keeping it moving to slope # 3, when the guy told me, "Go!  She'll be fine..,"  Me, "Oh, okay...let's go!  You sure she'll be fine?"  Whooosh!!!!!!!

Yep, she was fine.  But, we definitely went airborne!  And I heard a laugh and a giggle come from Layla that I wished I could bottle up.  Pure excitement, was the best!  She is her momma's girl...we love the THRILL!!!!

So yeah.  That's us walking back from the end of where the slope spits you out at....

Luckily, they had conveyer belts that would haul my fat ass us back to the top of the slide.  If it wasn't for that...we would have gone about 5 times, max!  But, instead, we went {I am guessing} about one hundred and eleventy billion times!!!! 

Needless to say, this momma was worn out!!!  Like, whoa. 

But, I would do just about anything for my sweet baby girl.

Especially if THAT is the pay off.  Oh yeah. 

After I told Layla momma could do no more....and after my dad was seriously getting worried I was gonna have a heart attack...we hit up Layla's all time favorite. 

The swings.

Our life is full of UPS and DOWNS...but this day especially was!!! 


bananas. said...

jigga whaaaaattttt!!! that place looks like so much fun! i wish they had those in tahoe...

and look at your with your plaid on. super cute! same with sneaky layla. only the sneaky survive! haha.

happy friday yo!!!

undomestic chica said...

Awww love this! I'm glad you guys got to have such a special day together.

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Monday Meli Girl! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so :)
Busy one for me!!!!
I love seeing and hearing about your vaca. These pics are awesome!
Ya know who has lots of snow for you girls to get your thrill on ... um IOWA!!!! Yep, next winter your girls get your booties up here, he he!
Love ya

Tiffany said...

LOVE it! You gals are my kind of fun. Aren't those carefree laughing moments the best. I want to bottle it up too. The photo of Layla giving her mommy some smoochies if adorable. Makes me want to go pick G up from school right now so I can get me some smoochies.

Melissa said...

That looks so FUN!!

Adorable sneaky pic, lol

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