Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hot N' Cold

And I am not talking about Katy Perry's hit single either.

It is Hot.  And then it is cold.  In Houston, Texas.

And it is quite annoying, truth be told.  Christmas is 4 days away people.  Mother Nature, whomever!!!!

Now.  I realize this could be much, much worse.  Yes, I know.  I should probably shut my mouth. 

People are stuck in airports due to snow and ice.  Some people are flooding.  I know, really. 

It is just so irritating to wear a sweater one day.  And to put on shorts and crank the A/C the next. 

{image via}

And if it gets overcast?  Layla thinks...wait for it....it's gonna snow.  Bless her heart.

Like today.  Even though its a balmy 70 degrees for our morning wake up call...because the skies are so gray and Barney keeps talking about snow and Christmas...Layla thinks it is suppose to snow.

Now, granted.  This time last year, we were doing this....

{snowball in yo face!!!}

...so I can understand her confusion. 

But, I keep telling her we were really lucky last year and it just doesn't snow in Texas.  And especially Houston.  Bless.her.heart. 

I think I need to find a "snow" park and maybe an ice skating rink.  Yep.  If Mother Nature won't bring a snowy Christmas to Texas....then Momma Meli will bring....yeah.  You get my point, right? 

Merry Christmas, ya'll!!!!


bananas. said...

katy!!!! LOVER HER!!!

also love me some snow. it's been freezing balls but alast no snow. laaaame sauce.

hey ps. where's my xmas card???

Tiffany said...

Hahaha! So cute. You are a good mama. As much as I miss my Tejas, I do appreciate the four seasons here in the Smokies, especially the snow in the winter.

Ashley said...

We are suppose to get some snow here in NC on Christmas Day! Sorry, not to brag! :) If we do, I'll try to send some your way! Love the picture of your doll kissing the snowman! Too freakin cute! :)

Tiffany said...

I KNOW! I'm in DALLAS, and it was a whopping 79 degress yesterday and it's suppose to be back in the 40's by Christmas! UGH, gotta love Texas!

Last year we were lucky as well, almost snowed in. (well for people who arent used to driving in the snow, haha)

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