Monday, December 27, 2010

end of December mix up

Hello loves!!!

How was your Christmas?  Grand, I hope!  We truly had a blessed Christmas, and thankfully it was cold.  Like, Brrrrrr Rabbit, cold!!  Me likes that. 

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Quite a few things happened since I signed off.  First and foremost my pops turned 69 on Christmas Eve.  (Heeeeyyyy!  69!  Okay, totally inappropriate, I know.)  Happy B-Day Daddy!!!  I love you. 

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We always have family and friends over to my parents house on my dad's birthday and this year was no different.  Full of food, laughs, drinks and good times!  Love it.

Layla had a very spoiled Christmas which I have come to expect now.  I just hope she appreciates it.  Not only now, but later in life. 

While mommy and daddy and Santa gave her plenty....her grandparents went over the top.  She is now the proud owner of a 22 inch flat screen t.v. for her bedroom.  I don't even have a t.v. in my bedroom, for the reconrd.  She received a Princess CD Player with microphone, a Princess portable DVD player, a "laptop" Discovery Kids computer, another season of Gymnastics, Disney Princess Castle with numerous Princesses, a cash register, a scooter, a basketball goal, and many, many more things!  It was a score of a year for her. 

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I forgot my camera at home today, in case you couldn't tell by my lack of personal photos. 

Well, since tomorrow is my b-day.  That's right....ya'll heard me?!?  TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  And I hope I am not in the office working.  Like today.  I should be off, but I gotta pass out some money, honey!!!  It's all good.  Just hope I am not here tomorrow.  For my birthday.  Did I mention my birthday is tomorrow.  Oh, yeah?!  We're good.  Okay. 

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So, my birthday is tomorrow.  Kidding.  Just kidding.  I mean, it really is....but I should move on.

Did you guys hear Teena Marie died?  I'm sad.  I love me some Teena.  R.I.P. Teena.  God speed.

Okay.  Now I have to bust a move at work.  And by bust a move, I mean seriously pound my fingers into this calculator and get these checks processed.  I hope to post some Christmas pictures tomorrow.  Ya know ON MY BIRTHDAY!!  Yeah.

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Have a fabulous ending to 2010!  And welcome 2011!!! 

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Ashley said...

Sounds like ya'll had a grand Christmas and little missy got some good gifts! Happy early Birthday!!! Hope ya have a wonderful day lady :)

Summer said...

I heart you so and it makes me so happy to hear you so giddy!! Little Miss Red Curlz sounds like she totally scored for Christmas! Gotta love that and love Maw-Maw's who pay for another session of gymnastics whoo hoo Kelcee got another session of Soccer from Maw-Maw Carols!!

That was totally funny about your dad turning 69 and for a minute I totally didn't get the joke hahahah I am a complete dork!

So who's birfday is it? I haven't a clue? Oh you say it's yours huh....I would have never guessed....LOL (Just Kidding)



loves ya

bananas. said...

wait did you say it was your birthday tomorrow? lol ;)

um your daughter got a flat screen. and i thought my nephew was spoiled. oy!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Happy Birthday doll!!!! It sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas too....oh and I wish I got as many toys as your cute one got from the grandparents, hahah. Well she deserves them for being adorable. Love that photo with the pink presents!

Have fun today and Happy New Year too!!


JerseyTjej said...

Happy Birthday and LOVE the red curls! Barbie and Hello Kitty were the toy de jour for my little one this year but for the record, I never had a tv in my room, either...*smh* mwahaha, I am jealous of Layla

Yakini said...

R.I.P. to Teena Marie. I loved her too. What a loss!

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