Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a Gymnasts Diploma

First off, I have to say thanks for all the love and support.  And prayers.  You gals make a lady feel really good. 

I have so much on my mind today.  I feel like I have 5 different posts I could do.  I may, we'll see.  Why does that happen?  I can go days without posting a damn thing and then all these thoughts and what not come my way at the same time. 

Layla graduated her Preschool 3 Gymnastics Class last night!!!  Yay. 

Sure wish I would have known that.  Geesh.  She looks a hot mess. 

But, I am still so very proud of her.  She wanted to quit because she was not too fond of Coach Francisco right there.  But, momma told her "We don't quit.  We are not quitters.  We will see this through.  Then, if you don't want to take Gymnastics anymore, you don't have to.  But, we.don't.quit.  Period."

And now she is ready for Spring Semester.  That's my girl. 

{It was Halloween Week and Coach was dressed up as a Starbuck's Employee.  Layla was an Olympic Gymnast, in case you could not tell by the form.}


Summer said...

Congrats Layla!! Whooo Hooo you are going to the Olympics for sure!! Lovn' that the coach was dressed as a Starbucks employee did he hand out starbucks drinks to the mommy's haow awesome would that be LOL


mixed girl said...

Awe! Congrats to Layla! She's too darn cute!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

she is so cute and talented and i love her! did you get my reply?

Kristen said...

congrats Layla! p.s. check out my blog, for my holiday giveaway!

Melissa said...

Aw! Congrats to Layla. And she! lol She is just too cute.

And like we always say, "Quitters never win and winners never quit" ! Go Layla!

coolkids said...

Your daughter is adorable. LOVE her hair! stop by I have two adorable giveaways perfect for her!:)

Tiffany said...

Freaking adorable. How cute is Miss Layla with her tiny feet on that balance beam. Love it.

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