Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday - my recent happenings

Today I am going to Flashback to some recent times.  Stuff I have done over the last couple of months that I have not had the time to post about.  I hope you all enjoy!  If not.  It's okay....I will. 

More face painting at our local pizza joint.

Butterfly face paint with a little mermaid balloon.

Layla with her PaPa on Labor Day weekend.

Layla having a tea party with her big pink Care Bear!

The sky in all its glory!

Layla excited to see her friend, Grady, at the Pink Floyd Performance.

Smoking hot guy exercising in the park...

Layla getting excited to see the performance begin...

Layla and Grady "napping" while the concert continues...

That is my mom and my grandmother, Honey.  We celebrated her 90th birthday earlier this month with a surprise party.  It was splendid!  More on that later...tons of pics!

That above?  The latest and greatest high-rise development my company constructed.  Isn't it a beauty? 

At Discovery Green to partake in some hula-hoop action.

They were out of big people hoops, but little bit was able to join in.
She did good too.

But, then she got mad at me for taking too many pictures.

See?  She is running away yelling, "Stop taking pictures of me!!!!"
Um, no.  Sorry.

Say hello to the Little Mermaid, Ariel, at her School's Fall Festival.

And her friends!

This is the confused look that ensued when she saw her friend, Kayla, as Princess Ariel, of the wedding variety.  Because, afterall...Layla was THE Little Mermaid.  Look at her 'tude?!?!

Isn't Woody a cutie?  Layla was beyond excited to see her ex-classmate, Adeeva, there to celebrate with her old friends.  She ran up to her squealing with excitement!  Hugs followed.  Awwww....

Ariel with Daddy

Ariel with a very pale and tired looking mommy.  Forgive me.
And I have NO excuse because this is prior to the food poisoning.

Me and my baby girl the day after food poisoning?
What gives?  I think I may look better than the above?  Ha.

And that brings us to today!  This is my rendition of Alice in Wonderland 2010.  Her socks have Alice and some mushrooms on them. 

There is Sammie.  Our dog.  Trying to bite our legs, once.again.

And in class.  Is that a stoned hippie behind her? 

Nope.  That would be MY costume for the weekend. 

Ya'll have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween! 


georgia~gigi said...

Ah,ha ha, I love your commentary!
What a wonderful Flashback, I am sure I will leave something out, but, wow so many great things!
Happy Birthday Honey (love that) God Bless Her!
Man, that Layla is just too cute for words, and Momma your Hot, (Daddy is pretty cute, too he he)
I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, can't wait to see pics of your costume!
Love ya lots
gi gi

Melissa said...

Oh my word! Can your daughter be any cuter?! She looks so adorable in her Halloween costume!

I don't know what you're talking about - you look fantastic.

p.s. your photos of the sky are gorgeous. Good job!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I love Layla!! Gosh, she is so beautiful with her gorgeous curls :)

Her 'mad' face is my favorite, I love that little puckered lip.

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhh, she is so beyond cute! What a fabulous little mermaid!

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