Thursday, October 7, 2010

my duty...and yours too

I just finished reading and watching a video about a 29 year old Army Ranger that served 12 tours in the U.S. on-going wars.  8 tours in Afghanistan and 4 tours in Iraq.  Only to be brought home for a final time.  In a casket.  To read more about his tremendous giving self, please click here.

Today marks 9 years of war in Afghanistan.  I think you should take a moment and look at this.

Do you know what you were doing on October 9, 2001 when the United States of America began war conflict in Afghanistan?  I know I was in college studying.  Perhaps, partying?  But, thousands upon thousands of our U.S. Troops and other countries have been waging a war.  A daily fight.  For our freedom.  Our freedom to blog.  Our freedom to speak.  Our freedom to be down right FREE!  Plain and simple.  But, what they face on a daily basis is far from plain and simple.

Please take a moment today and every day to pray for God to provide the courage our troops need to continue to fight the good fight.  Pray for their loved ones.  And pray for those who have given their lives so whole heartily. 

We will not accept a government of wrong-doers. We prefer death than to be part of an evil government.

~ Mullah Omar

Therefore, I would like to say that my Flashback Friday post tomorrow will focus on the year of 2001.  I know that year has a stigma attached to it.  It was a tragic and heart breaking year for most Americans, and many others, but I think its relevance is important and will help us to remember....AND NEVER FORGET!

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