Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - American Beauty

{ - that back.  Oops, so much for wordless!}



*D* said...

love it! nothings better then American Pride! :)

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Wordless Wed. Meli Girl!
Fantastic post!
I BACK you up on your comment, he he!

Tiffany said...

these are great! so much inspiration.

Melissa said...

Beautiful! There's a pic of Christina Aguillera holding her son who is swaddled in an American Flag & she asks people to vote, for our future. Makes me cry everytime I see it

Kristin said...

I think Lisa would have really loved this one! I really heart the balloon shot! Oh and I just started dancing to JLO and my cat looked at me like WHAT are you doing. HA!

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