Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Favorites...just so you know!

My favorite letter is M.  (duh!?)

My favorite number is twenty-one.

My favorite color is aqua or coral...can't just pick one.

My favorite flowers are tulips.

My favorite place is the Greek Isles.  (I think.  Never been there.  But, pretty sure.)

My favorite animal is a horse.

My favorite smell is any candle from Carriage Candle Company.

My favorite season is autumn.

My favorite food is mexican food.

My favorite show is Olivia, thanks to Layla.  It is all I have time for.

My favorite candy is Snicker's.  (duh!?)

{Pardon me, it was too funny not to post.}

My favorite movie is a hard one to pick.  I am old skool, so...probably Dirty Dancing

My favorite time is quittin' time!
My favorite band singer is Rob Thomas.

My favorite drink is a frozen margarita.

{I enjoyed this last weekend. Photography by me.}

My favorite book is Eat, Pray, Love.

My favorite word is audacity.

My favorite thing is PEACE.
{most images via google search}

1 comment:

Birdie said...

I am all over autumn!! Today I look like a lumberjack/jockey hybrid with all this flannel and riding boots, but I love it!!! I am almost done with Eat, Pray, Love and it is inspiring!

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