Thursday, October 14, 2010

my house needs help... even more so than I DO!  And that's saying A LOT!  He!

So, who do I turn to?  CSN Stores, no doubt!  I have been perusing their console tables for a nice piece to put behind my sofa and by my front door entrance area! 

I really like this one...what do you think?

Convenience Concepts Northfield Bookend Console Table

And this one is high on my list as well....decisions, decisions....

Powell Furniture 502-515 - Antique Black Demilune Console Table

And it is a good thing that this beauty is out of stock, because I am broke enough already! 

Hammary Colors Sofa Table in Daisy/Snow

Well, you guys keep doing your thing.  I will be over here searching, and searching, and searching....CSN Stores for the perfect addition to my house!  Feel free to join me....this place is amazing!

CSN STORES - 200+ stores all in one place!  What are you waiting for?  Get ta shoppin'!


bananas. said...

this reads like an infomercial...and if you didn't post that last one i would be giving you shit for it. but i won't because i like the out of stock one :)

you're welcome.

{jami @ i m a g i n e} said...

Loving the last one! So fun!

xo - jami
i m a g i n e

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

I like the 2nd and 3rd one the best, the first one is cute but more modern and not my style but if it's yours get it! I've been obsessing over our house for the 2 months we have lived here and it's coming together slowly but surely...

Tiffany said...

I heart them all! I am lovin' CSN. I'm gonna be buying some bowls from there in the near future ;)

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