Monday, November 1, 2010

Manic Monday - 11.01.10

The sights of Halloween past. 





My Little Mermaid

Time flies.  They grow up so fast.

Believe it when they say it.  It is true.

And because I know you wanna see...

Hope you all had a Happy Spooky Halloween!


blueviolet said...

You have gone all out with the costumes and it paid off!

Summer said...

Layla is so presh! I love the throw back of all the pics! Girl they do grow up so fast! Her costumes are presh! Kelcee has already told me she wants to be pebbles next year! Love all the costumes and she is the cutest little Mermaid EVER....Kelcee's fav princess is Ariel....
Love your costume girl your rockin it!!


Jen said...

Aww... look at her!! You're going to have so much fun with her and all of her future Halloweens!

Kristin said...

I don't know how it goes from their first Halloween to their third in like the blink of eye!

Melissa said...

Oh my word - I could seriously eat her up. Too cute. Way to go on the costumes Momma!

p.s. love your Halloween costume :)

bananas. said...

oh my two are just too darn cute! i can't take it anymore!!!

but i will because i heart ya to the fullest.

your wig is perfection btw. how i wish i could've made mine work. wah.

Amy Tilt said...

Time does go by fast! She is super cute.

georgia~gigi said...

Oh, you girls are lookin' GOOD!
Love the pics, your so pretty :)
Love the Mermaid costume, she is super cute!
gi gi

undomestic chica said...

Look at how amazing you both look!

Tiffany said...

Can your sweet Layla be any cuter??? Love her...and you! You two ladies and your hearts are in my prayers and thoughts.

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