Thursday, November 11, 2010

my new *toy*

Have I mentioned I have wonderful, terrific, awesome and generous friends?  No?!

Well, I do.  And they just so happen to also possess some wonderful, terrific and awesome *toys*, as in cameras.  That I am coveting right now. 

I want to make the big splurge on a nice camera, but before I do...I get practice.  Thanks to my wonderful, terrific, awesome and generous friends.

The first loaner came from this fun lady!

And now this fabulous lady handed one over to me for more practice.

I thank you ladies.  I really really do!!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots with the new cam...

My zen dude from Thailand (courtesy of a good friend) in my den.

My baby girl...only smiling like this 'cuz I said I'd get her a piece of candy.  I'm a sucker! ha.


Betsey said...

awesome photos! you have a great eye & should definitely invest in a good camera of your own! Layla is adorable as usual too!

bananas. said...

bokeh! my favorite :)

so what brand/kind is this new cam of yours.

georgia~gigi said...

Meli girl, love your zen dude, and it is a sharp pic! Love it!
Layla, love her smile! You are already a smart photographer, you do whatcha gotta do, ha ha!
ps, thanks for the sweet text!
Love ya lots!
gi gi

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Wow these are amazing photos, and your little one is too perfect! xoxo

mixed girl said...

Your daughter is sooooo cute! I mean really cute!

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