Friday, November 12, 2010

Praying for a Healed Heart

A heart is a wonderful thing
it can be broken, mended
kept, or given away

Hearts are so strong
and yet so fragile
and every one is different

Some are adorned with ribbons and string
flowers, and jewels
and pictures of puppies

But others are full of holes
covered with patches
and duct tape
and glue to hold it all together

  Most hearts are a combination of both
they are beautiful … but broken
So we use the ribbons to keep the pieces together
while the glue holds everything in place to heal

because every time you have to fix a heart
it gets stronger, more durable
So whether your heart is only cracked
or broken into a thousand pieces


Whether it is hurting
or has been healed
You have to remember
this is all a part of who you are
and who you are meant to be
So that you may help others
Who feel the same as you do
Whether it be in joy or pain
happiness or hurt
and everything in between

{images via we heart it}


Summer said...

Hey sweetie,
I want ya to know your little princess Layla and you are in my thoughts and prayers and she is sooooo lucky to have you as a momma!! I loved that poem and I cried reading it...ya'll are so incredibly strong....hang in there pretty girl

love ya

georgia~gigi said...

Aw, what a perfect poem!
Such beautiful words and great images!
Love you
gi gi

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