Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thanks to Summer and Erica!

I received these precious Aventurine earrings in the mail this week from my wonderful giveaway winnings from Summer, at the Bisfor Blog! If you do not know who Summer is, (who doesn't?????) I urge you to go check her out!!!  I love her.

And I love me some Love Erica because of Miss Summer! 

I could not resist plugging these into Layla's ears as soon as I got them.  They look so adorable on her.  And she PINK PUFFY HEART LOVES them oh so much!!!!  Her eyes got as big as a whole pie when she saw them on her.  I have a feeling I may never be getting these back for a try on....oh well....if Layla is happy, momma is happy! 

Here is the explanation that came with my winning...

Aventurinehas so many positive qualities and is known as the all around healer.  It is said to bring luck, to relax and to bring mental clarity.  (Damn, I should have kept them!)  Aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and enhances creativity.  It is also the stone of prosperity by dissolving negative thoughts and emotions. 
(Yep, I should have kept them!  Or given them to Sum.) 

I would love if my special someone would buy this for me next!

Although, I am sure Layla would find a way to take this over as well.  My fashion days are over....but you are still okay.  Go check out Love Erica and see what you find!


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Oooo one of my favorite songs evah!
Love this one. I think it's cool that Layla got the goodies!
Congrats, lucky girl!

Have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry?

My grandmother and I use to sit in her garden and drink coffee. She called me sugah, tears well up everytime I hear it!

What prolific words.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

how did i miss this post, my love?

i am so happy you won and Erica is amazing! in so many ways.

i love that layla pink puffy hearts them! yay.

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