Monday, June 7, 2010

Remember and Take a Stand!

While catching up on the worlds happenings during my lunch break today, I read where it has been 12 years to the day since James Byrd Jr. was murdered and died a tragic and horrendous death.  I was in college in Nacodoches, Texas when this happened only a little over an hour away from me in the Piney Woods of East Texas.  It horrified me.  It horrified us.  To know such hate-filled, ugly people still existed.  So close. 

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Racism is an 'ism' to which everyone in the world today is exposed; for or against, we must take sides. And the history of the future will differ according to the decision which we make.

~ Ruth Fulton Benedict


bananas. said...

i hate racism. i hate hate. i hate it...makes me angry and i hate that.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

I had no clue about this. Thank you for posting it. I was taken aback by what happened. This poor man and his poor family had to suffer like that.

Racism has no place in any persons life.

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