Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celtic Green Thursday

Here goes my favorite day of the week thanks to Trish!  Head on over, and join us!


And since all of my energy was focused on PINK lovelies last week, I will now focus guessed it!  Celtic GREEN!!!  And it's only fitting for tonights big NBA Finals, right!?!?!  I obviously want Boston to win against the Lakers.  Yes I do!  Lakers have been warned!
My pick for this evening!

And we wish them luck.

He's the man with the master plan.

The types of shoes on the court tonight.

Good ole Bean Town.

Good ole Larry Bird Statue.

Green Team!!!

That's who you should be rooting for if you don't know!

'Cause we want them to...

Everyone loves some half time action, no?

Great shot.

We wanna see that tonight too, but with LA as the losers!

I'll take some of that, please.

All together now...awwwwwww!

Oh!  How'd that get in here?????
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I'maNolaGirl said...

I love a sports fan!!! Go Celtics! Oh how much I hope the Celtics win!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! =)

Juliana said...

This was the best post:):)

Trish said...

Hey girly - loved everything about this post, so sorry your team didn't win, but they are lucky to have a fan like you!! xoxo

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