Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink - Random and Weird Version

Yep.  It's here again!  And I think this is becoming my favorite link should join in!  Because it's...


And I decided to focus my energy on PINK this week.  Maybe I will switch off and do all green next week.  It would only be colorful kinda fair, right?  I hope you enjoy my random and weird choices!  And I hope you enjoy my commentary.  I can't resist.  These images are just too kooky not to.

Jump on over and visit Trish!  Let's play together...

Ok.  This isn't so much kooky, as it is cuuuuuute!

As is this.  I was starting off cute...

Until I saw this and wanted to get random.

Then back to cute!  Who doesn't love a pink ruffled baby hiney?!?

Love the glasses.  I would rock them.  If I wore glasses.

Ah yes.  The pink ruffled booty.  I wanna a pair...

And I want these ears to go with those!  ha.

Yes, while drippin in pink paint!  I am on a roll...

Definitely DON'T envy this guy!

I think everyday would be a better day with a tiny daisy on your toes. 

NO COMMENT and moving on...

Bad ass.  Need I say more?

It reads, "I'm not the only gay in the village."  Love it.

Pink bow + cookies = L.O.V.E.


And that's the end folks!!!!
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g e o r g i a said...

Oh, I just love your blog! I will gladly follow :)

Trish said...

Oh sweet friend, you continue to make my heart full of happy each and every week! I just can't wait for the day I can meet you and your darling baby girl.

In the meantime, your "Weird and Random Pinks" were AWESOME!!! Thanks for bringing the F-U-N to the party!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, can't wait to catch up this week. xoxoxo Lots of love - Trishy

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