Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How do you like your OREO?

It's funny the things I keep learning about Layla.  Like this weekend, for example.  I learned how she likes her OREO.

Me, personally?  I prefer my OREO with some milk.  Dip it right in and get it all a bit soggy.

Turns out Layla likes her OREO...well...just the middle of her OREO.

WHAT??!!??!!  Yep.  This would be her dream OREO.

She twists the OREO apart.  Licks off all of the icing and discards the cookies.  What the???

Who else does this?  I think I have a problem on my hands.

Well, not really.  Just not gonna buy the lunchables with the OREOS inside anymore.  I'd rather just give her spoonsful of SUGAR!!!!!!! 

But, this experienced piqued my interest. 

Please DO share!


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I just bought some Oreos (double stuffed) this week! I twist them open, eat the side that doesn't have the icing, then eat the side with the icing. I like to eat them with milk but not dunk them. I HATE crumbs in my milk, lol. So picky, I know :)

Future Mama said...

I use to take my oreos and scoop the middle out too, but then ball all of the icing up of like 5 of them and shape it into a cube and eat it like a... I dunno, like candy?

You are CRACKING me up with your red head jokes!! really, I seriously laugh out loud every time and I've told my husband about you. In fact, I need to show him more pictures of your cute daughter.

Oh man... I can't picture it... Red. Hair. We'll see!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

you are so adorable!

how is daddy?

oh and layla and i would fight over that giant CREAMY oreo!

Melissa said...

LOL Oh my! She loves the pure sweet stuff huh? Awesome :)

I love just dunking my oreos in milk. But sometimes I pull them apart, lick the middle and eat the cookie while I drink my milk. I know, odd.

undomestic chica said...

I dunk most of my oreo in milk, but I like having the small portion covered by my fingers still hard. For some reason, completely soggy oreos weird me out.

I found the most amazing thing the other day: yellow oreos. Pretty much the same goodness as regular without the black crumbs all over your teeth. Genius!

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