Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Party Theme Help!

Okay ya'll.  I need you. 

Let me first start by saying, "Yes, I am a freak."  My daughters birthday is not until August, yet I am already thinking themes!!!!

I had it made up that I would do a Carnival Dreams theme, but now I am second guessing that?  I have my whole game plan down...

We will have a clown come out and make animal balloons, which will be part of their "goody bag."

{image via}

A photo booth for silly pictures upon arrival. 

{image via}

Maybe a cotton candy machine? If not, just buy the pre-made bags. Candy apple slices. Hot dogs and lemonade.  With giant lollipops.

And sno cones!

{image via}

Pom-poms and and bright colorful fabric bunting as decoration. With peanuts on the tables.

{image via}

With a fanastical, magical cake by none other than Misty of Six Divided By Two.  If you have not checked out her blog, I would suggest you take a peek!

{image via}

I want a rainbow cake, but she is going to make it look like a carousel!!! 

{image via}

 And maybe some of these cute lil' guys...

{image via}

You see?  I have this all "planned" out, but I am starting to wonder if this is becoming "too popular?"  Does that even matter?  No, not really. 

But, do you have any other themes for a 3 year old, little girl birthday party?  What should I do????  Please help me decide.


melifaif said...

Testing, testing...for bisforbrown and my undomestic lady. Working??????

Melissa said...

I LOVE these ideas! And how awesome to have a photo booth?! The kiddos would love it!

Ya know, right now all I see for kids birthdays is that 18 wheeler than comes out to your house & has video games inside it and keeps those buggars entertained for hours. They like it but so...blah?

Totally love your idea. And I know Layla will just adore it.

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