Monday, March 22, 2010

Houston Rodeo Round Up 2010

I kicked off Houston Rodeo 2010 in high style with some girlfriends on March 8th.  Performer = Tim McGraw.  That's right ladies...are you jealous?  You shouldn't be.  It was nasty weather.  I almost decided not to go.  But, my friend Courtney, told me throw your hair up in a pony, slide on your rain boots, and get to kickin' up some dust.  So I decided I could do that. 

While we were making our way into Reliant Stadium, we crossed paths with this...

I love it.  Plastic bag over hair.  Representin'!  TEXAS CHICK.  See her purse?  Too cute.

I had to depend on the Jumbo-tron, as I do not own a nice camera.

We had a really fun time.  And totally lucked out when it was time to call it a night.  I think we were in THE farthest parking spot imaginable.  Lucky for us, we ran into a tram that gave us a ride to our Yellow Parking Lot.  And then a super sweet gentleman gave three lovely ladies a ride on his golf cart that dropped them off right in front of their car.  How is that for service?

Next visit came on Saturday, March 13th.  Mommy, daddy, Layla and "big Cuz-zin" joined close friends, Addison, Cameron and Scott and Courtney for a fun filled day of carnival rides and food!

Here we are meeting up!  Cameron, 9 months (left), Addison, almost 3, and Layla, aged 2.5!  Someone looks excited?!?! 

These two lil' ladies are hams!  Just look at them...the crowd was eatin' them up!

There's Rich with Camo!

How were we in last place and end up ahead of everyone?

Too cool for school chicks!

The daddies and their girls!

And mommy and her girl.

I promise we are NOT hurting her...don't know what her deal was?

The best ride of all?  According to the girls...that would be the big escalator?

Of course, we end the day with a passsed out car ride home!

Which brings me to Saturday, March 20th.  Closing weekend for the Rodeo.  Boooo...wish it could last all year round.  But, I guess that would take the fun out of it.  Anyhoo...RAIN.  Lots o rain.  But, we had carnival tickets to spend, so we went.  Despite the rain.  I wanted my girl to ride a pony.  Despite the rain.  So we went.

And here is Miss Layla with her sweet pony, Dolly.  No "say cheeeeese" needed here!  She was one happy chick!  I can see the excitement in her eyes...

Lucky for us, we did all the carnival rides the weekend prior, so most of our business was indoors anyway.  We headed over to the petting zoo and they were quick to welcome Layla.  Actually, to be specific, three large goats decided to welcome Layla by making her into a sandwich and butting their way in.  She was a little disturbed, in case her drama-filled hand over the mouth was not a big enough clue for you.

But, she was a trooper.  Got back down and fed the smaller ones.  On a side note...a goat almost broke my finger!!!!  While I was spending $.25 for more food.  For them.  A goat came up and bombarded my space!  What a goathole! 

Soooo.  Long story short.  It did not stop raining by the time all of the indoor activities were over, so the carnival rides were still shut down...

So, we came back after it stopped raining.  Rich and a friend went and rode rides.  Myself and Layla went inside and watched the rodeo.  Layla loved it!  She was hootin' and hollerin' and it was perfect!  Yee-haw, ya'll!


Tia said...

Looks like SO much fun!! Layla's out fit is too frickin' cute! Love it!

Six divided by two..... said...

you know I have never been to the rodeo year I am going to go. I am not a cowgirl but this looks fun. Looks like ya'll had a blast!!!

Melissa said...

LOL goathole. Love it.

How cute are your rain boots?! Seriously. Glad you guys have fun!

Tiffany said...

Wow. Those pink boots are To.Die.For. I wonder if Gavin will let me put him in some pink cowboy boots. I love it that the girls thought the escalator was a ride. I remember thinking that. My sister gets a pic of my niece in that same rodeo barrel every year. Fun fun. I miss rodeo. There isn't one in TN. So sad.

Silvia said...

she is adorable! Love the pics!

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