Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dynasty...Pre-school Edition

Oh say it ain't so!!!!???!!!!  Layla, and myself, are embarking on a Dynasty World.  Pre-school style.  **sniff, sniff**  I am so sad about this, truly.  I had NO idea this stuff started so early.  For the youngens out there...THIS is a Dynasty.  (And this is the one I remember.)

So this all started when Layla told me, "I not your friend, momma." 

And I looked at her a bit confused.  And asked, "Excuse me, baby?"

And she then states, "I daddy's friend."

And that began an explanation on my end.  Just because she is daddy's friend does not mean that she cannot be my friend too.  If you are nice to everybody, and everyone is nice to you, you can be friends with everyone!!! 

**golf claps**

Then she says, "I Lucie friend."
(Lucie is her new BFF from her Leap Frog class.)
(Leap Frog Class = 3 years old - almost 4 years old.)
(Layla = 2.5 years old.)
(Lucie is closer to 4 years old.)
(Layla was moved to this class because of her development.)
(Now I am wishing I said no.)

So I replied, "That's nice sweetie.  Who are your other friends?"

Layla says, "Kayla (3.5), and Skylar (3.5) and Lucie (see above)."

(There is a new little girl in her class that is just about her age, she had her 3rd birthday last week. 
Her name is Kendahl.  So sweet.)

So I ask, "What about Kendahl?  Isn't she your friend too?"

Layla looks at me, almost sadly, and says, "No.  Not anymore.  'Cuz I Lucie friend now."

(Me? Heart breaking.)

And then I go into the same explanation as I explained to her with me and daddy. 

"Just because Lucie wants to be friends with you, does not mean that you cannot be friends with Kendahl anymore.  Kendahl is a sweet girl.  If you are nice to everyone, then they will want to be your friend.  And you should be friends with everybody who is nice and polite to you.  Do you understand?" 

(Layla blank stare.)
(Me? Heart breaking.)

Why does this stuff start so early?  I remember it in elementary, but Layla is only 2.5!!!!!  I am so sad.  Where do these little innocent kids learn this type of behavior?  Is it just in us? 

I want this...

{image via}

NOT this...

{image via}


Anonymous said...

The last picture reminds me of me and my twin sister when we were little. My mom has a picture of us, whispering to each other.
Kids are adorable!

Melissa said...

my nephew is like that too & it breaks my heart but he says he learned it from other kiddos in the class. I never really thought stuff like that existed in those young-uns. :(

But ya know, Layla is so darn cute! lol

Six divided by two..... said...

Awww Layla joining the ranks of women everywhere. That's awesome that you are teaching her to be friends with everyone. Both of my girls have gone through this ...several times over the years. They have grown out of it now. I always taught them to be their own person because cliques fade but true friendship is forever.

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