Monday, December 7, 2009

a glimpse

Like I have stated.  I am way backed up on my postings.

This next post is from the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Yes, before.  I am getting there...

After Tyler's Birthday Party, we headed on over to the park area to ride the Zoo Train that Layla is such a fan of.  I cannot tell a lie in this instance - I enjoy it too!

Can you see those itty bitty people over there on the bottom right hand side???? 

That is daddy and Layla!  I love, LOVE, love that photo. 

A Layla Sandwich!

Don't make it look so forced, baby girl!

It was a gorgeous day for a train ride.  The lake was busy and all a flutter!

But, it wasn't until the end of the became very calm and peacful for me.  We had just finished chugging around the lake.  And we were making our way through the woods... you remember my Shining Down on Us post

If not, it may help you to understand the rest of this post.  So, click here.

I got this really overwhelming feeling of my good friend.  He loved kids.  And there were tons of kids running around the park.  The day was beautiful.  So was he. 

As we rounded this curve...I just felt him.  He was there, I am sure of it.  *Snap*

That is the pictured I captured at the moment I felt my friends presence.  And that is how I know, without a doubt.  He. was. there. 

It may just be a glimpse.  But, a glimpse is what I will take!  I miss you Juny.


Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures, and such a lovely family. You seriously need to have more kids & pass that cuteness/adorable face on, lol.

Tiffany said...


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