Friday, December 4, 2009

It's snowing!!!!

In Houston, Texas, ya'll!!!!  That's right.  It's snowing!!!!

Okay.  So, that picture above is not of my little red head in the Houston snow.  But, the one below is.

I KNOW!!!!!  You can NOT even tell it is snowing.

But.  It was!  I promise.  That's Texas Snow ya'll, in case you didn't know!

It is suppose to continue "snowing" throughout the day, so I hope to post better pictures tomorrow.  Because I hope we look a lot like this tonight...


A girl can Christmas Dream...


Six divided by two..... said...

It's snowing here in Conroe!! Just lil flurries but I will take what I can get.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

Thanks for following travelnews, gladly reciprocated your interest area.
The snow in Turin city has not yet arrived but has already whitened the mountains around

Hello dear,good week end, Marlow

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