Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Turkey Day..finally!

I am oh so bad.  In more ways than one.  But, I am speaking about Turkey Day!

I never got around to posting about our wonderful, special Thanksgiving Holiday in San Antonio.  We were blessed with Richard's brother and sister and their families this go 'round.  That never happens, as they live in Oklahoma.

We all gathered at Richard's dad and step-mother's house and it was truly a holiday to remember!

Richard's younger, yes, younger - brother and wife and their seven, yes SEVEN, kids made the car ride down.  As well as Richard's older sister and her husband.  Unfortunately, Sidney, our niece, couldn't make it because she was working.  Good for her.  She is 16 and saving for a car!  I am always a huge supporter of hard workers!  Go girl.

Myself and Layla headed over to the house pretty early so I could offer to help Le-Anna.  Aka "Nana."  I knew she wouldn't accept, but at least I was there to offer.   That is what counts.  Right?  Plus, everyone loves company.

Here is Miss Layla waiting on her cousins.  They decided to get out of the house and went to a nearby park.  Layla was bored, in case you cannot tell.

Seriously?  Where. Are. My. Cousins?

Lovely table, as usual, Le-Anna.

And here comes the "gang!"
That is "Pawpa" with his baby in his lap, Prince.

That cute little guy in the far left portion of the picture is Jason Jr. and he is the eldest of 7 kiddos.
Jason Jr. - age 9
Jaiden - age 6
Javeon - age 5
Jayshaun - age 4
Jalecia - age 3
Jaliana - age 2
Jacoby - age 1

I am so not even kidding!

Below is Jalecia.

That is Jaiden and Jayshawn.

Jason Jr., Javeon and Jaiden.  (aka - gang members. ha!)

That is the little one, Jacoby.

And that is the baby girl, Jaliana - aka "nah-nah."

I see you Jayshawn.  (I so wanted to take him home with us!)

Below is Layla with "aunt" Cristine.  That there is the momma of ALL of those kids.
Totally not kidding.  That is her!

There is Nana and Pawpa in the kitchen
But, don't be fooled.  Le-Anna did it all.

And her momma, Mama Sylvia, helped some too!

Me and my girl.

Some more gang activity...someone please call the cops!

She loved having her picture taken...

Some much needed down time with Pawpa, the enforcer.


Susan said...

so cute! you and your daughter are both beautiful!!! i am in awe of your sister in law. seven kids and skinny as can be. wow!

Six divided by two..... said...

I have a sister-in-law just like her..thin as a rail. I am soo jealous. Wow you looked like you all had a wonderful time. p.s. I did some "signs" being thrown up in a few pics lol.

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