Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tyler

This is late.  I have been chasing my tail for the last couple of weeks, and I guess I will continue to do just that for the remainder of the month.  No?  Yes.  We all will.

We had an incredibly wonderful time at our good friend, Tyler's birthday party.  It was at the Children's Museum in Houston and it was a blast!!! 

This was our first visit and I must say, Layla had a ball with it all.  (I'm a poet.  Didn't even know it!)

Look at these fantasticly large "kids!" 

Peek-a-boo!  I see you...

Watch out!  Po-po's are out. 

Daddy was showing Layla all about the ambulance.
He knows at little about those.  Confused?

There is Miss Tyler.  The Birthday girl turned 5!
See Layla lurking in the background?

Time for the fun!

But these two girlie-girls were. just. standing. there.

Moving on with the choo-choo train...

Layla made a vet visit and picked out...

...a cat?!?  Say what?  She is cute.

Of course we made an art pit stop.  A must!

The grocery store was a big hit.  As always.

Baby girl.  You cannot eat that kind of carrot.
As if she even tries to eat the real ones???

There they are again...Tyler calls them the "two girls."

Birthday Girl having a ball.

Disco time!

Thanks for a wonderful celebration Tyler!!!


cmhouston said...

How’s it going, Layla and family?

Thank you for sharing your fun times at the Children’s Museum of Houston.

We’d like to invite you to post your photos to our Flickr group page:

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Thanks for visiting us and we hope you to see you soon!

Tara said...

Wow, you got some good shots and you are way ahead of me! I haven't even posted yet...thanks for coming!

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