Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Times up, we have a winner!

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Congratulations, Tiffany from Morrison Musings....you said...

# 4 comment:
I blogged about this giveaway! (p.s.delete extra comments if I did it wrong.)

Girl, you most definitely did NOT do it wrong, and look what it got you....$60 worth of goods from the CSN stores....and there are tons of wonderful items to choose from!  Be sure to check out all the stores before you pick your lovely winnings! 

Whoo hoo, girl!!!  I am so excited for ya!  High five! 

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Up high.  Down low.  Side to side and a way to go!!!

E-mail me at melifaif@yahoo.com so we can get you hooked up!


Tiffany said...

Woohoo!!!!Freaking awesome. This is the first time I actually won one of these :) Hip hip hooray!Totally what I needed today. Thanks chica. I will email you ASAP. xoxoxoxox

Juliana said...

oh congrats- she deserves to win!

Melissa said...


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