Monday, July 12, 2010

For Bobbie

One of my best girlfriends recently had to say good-bye to her very dear Bobbie. 

{image via}

We all know it is never easy saying good-bye to a loved one...and pets are certainly no different.  That much I do know.  Jenn, please know your Bobbie B will never be forgotten.  We love you.  When I came across this photo today....I thought about your Bob! 

{image via}

Fist bumps all around for Bobbie! 

And a special prayer for my bestie, Nicole.  Her dog, Ralph, is currently at the vet and we are saying prayers for him.  Please join us.  And thanks!


bananas. said...


my bottom lip is quivering now. whenever a dog passes, i want to cry. it reminds me of my family's beloved sargeant. never cried more for anybody who died until he did.

RIP bobbie.

Tiffany said...

:( I am so sad for your friends who have to put their sweet dog friends to sleep. Our dogs are totally part of our family. Prayers for your friends and their poochies. <3

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