Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink and Green Random Goodness


Here are my random goodness pictures for this weeks Pink and Green Thursday!  I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did finding them!  Pure treasures...


{I love how RAW this photo is!}

{And this one blows my mind as well, genius!}

{In love.  'Nuff said.}

{Hey?!  I wanna look cool like that sitting there...}

{And can my hair please be this cute while sleeping?}

{This photo rocks my world!}

{Although I do not sew, I would take this!}

{Or this!  Why not?}

{I'd love to be her...if only for the day!}

{Here is that yummy goodness...}

{Crazy wicked beautiful}

{This is what it is all about, folks!}

{I need this bike to ride to that cafe.}

{Laundry never looked so good...}

{I simply adore this.}

{License, yes, please!}


{I try to be...all the time!}

{Do you know how many times I've heard, "Make do!"?}

{day dreamer}



{all images via
beauty in everything


A Wedding Story said...

Love your pics!!!

Anonymous said...

All the photos are so radiant, and lovely.


Unknown said...

great pics!! I'm loving the pink bikes:)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love the raw photo, and the photo of the girl in the doorframe is absolutely amazing. Trish and I need to get the secret code to your Pink and Green stash file.
You got the loot this week, girlfriend!

I'maNolaGirl said...

I love the little pink polka dot glasses with the flowers in them! Absolutely precious!!!! These are just such pretty images all the way around. Great post!

Georgianna said...

Hi Meli! You're such a cutie – I love the energy here at your blog! Thanks for stopping by and have a super weekend. xo – g

Screen Door Prep said...

Thank you for joining in with Pink&Green Thursday this week. I love love love so many of your photos...I would list favorites, but it'd just be a big, rambling paragraph. I love the princessy phone, the curlers, the pulled-back hair across the pillow, the florals...

Amazing post! Cute blog!

Stephanie said...

Hey sweet girl! Just stopping by to let you know you're one of my "Featured Followers" this past Friday. I LOOOOVE your sunny, happy, gorgeous blog =) Hoping you're having a relaxing weekend and a great week to follow!

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