Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh, Julie!!!

Julie, Julie, Julie!!!  You really have made my day.  I was bestowed a...

by the simply gorgeous, Julie, the Brown Eyed Belle!  Hop on over and check her out...if you don't already know the lovely, charming lil' lady!

So the rules for this award are to: 

a)  Write out ten things about myself.  (gasp!  What will I expose?)
b)  And pass along the award to ten more beautiful bloggers.  (that is the easy part!)

So here we go....sit back...relax...and get ready to...LAUGH!  I am gonna get funny with this one, ya'll

1.  I am a major day dreamer.  But get a lot accomplished while doing so.  Strange.

2.  I have a brain that has wheels that constantly spin.  It never stops.  Pretty sure even when I am sleeping,  Not sure though.  But I think so.

3.  I have sweaty feet. There. I said it. I hate it. Am I alone in this?  Please say it ain't so!?!

4.  I danced since I was 3.  I was like gumby.  I could twist and bend and maneuver in every which way.  I am, or my body is, paying for that now.

5.  I'm glad I am not a boy because I have this really big 'hook' on the back of my head. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout? If I had to wear a short clipped haircut...I would look odd. I think.  Yep, pretty sure.

6.  I have this hard knot on my head (yes, above said head) under my front hairline that has always been there.  It doesn't hurt, no reason for concern, says the doc.  I wonder if my parents really did drop me on my head when I was a baby!?!  Hmmm...

7.  I still try to not step on any cracks.  Ya know, so I don't break my mommas back.  Remember that when you were a kid???  I still do that.

8.  I love to paint.  And create.  I just never find enough time to dig in and get it done.  One day...I suppose.

9.  My blog friends mean a lot to me.  I look forward to hearing about their goings-on and what nots!  Ya'll make my world a much brighter place!  So, thanks. 

10.  Oh yes, and sometimes instead of blogging what is really on my mind....I just post quotes and pretty pictures.  Sound familiar?
{one of my favs!}

So now I get to turn the tables and award 10 beautiful bloggers this no particular order...

***Meg at curls and coffee***

***Jessica and Barefoot by the Sea***

***Charmaine at Beautiful Things To Share***

***Beebs at Bee Lux***

***Courtney at C'est La Vie***

***D at Enjoy Yourself***

***Georgianna at Georgianna Lane***

***GiGi at Going Glam with GiGi***

***Lauren with Nola West***

Go pay them a visit, and tell 'em I sent ya! 
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Meg said...

thanks for the award! you are so sweet :)
xo meg

undomestic chica said...

You're too cute! I have weird bumps on my head too, but I think they're from the chickenpox.

Beebs said...

thank you for the award!! how sweet of you. love the blog!

*D* said...

thank you so much for the award girlie! and let me tell you that you definitely deserved it too! :)

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