Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 vs. 2012 - blinks.of.life

Now, looking back at 2011not good enough. But if you don’t make that fall and the mistakes, you wouldn’t know that it’s a mistake…I guess that’s just a natural process of learning, growing, and evolving.


2012: no more procastinating, stagnating, being apathetic… And remember..remember..no matter what is thrown your way, always maintain a heart of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. Only then, will you be able to handle all matters correctly and righteously.


{post via blinks.of.life}

To say I needed to read this post is a gross understatement.  I love how some blogs....can speak directly to YOU.  Cut straight through and dig in deep.  Cheers to a good year!  Wishing you all the best.  TRULY. 


Melissa said...

Love this post. Thank you for reminding us about what's important in life :)

Liz Mays said...

Sometimes when I go to church, I feel that way. I think a particular sermon was written just for me that day.

Carrie said...

Totally needed this today.

missy. said...

that last pic, wow she is tiny. amazing hair and makeup though.

girl this will be your year. you can make it anything you want it to be if you put your mind to it. and i think you've got what you want in mind :)


bananas. said...

i second that cheers!!!

so far this year is looking up so smile! :)

drollgirl said...

beautiful images! and what good messages to read!!!!

Jennifer said...

Cheers! Love the images you are always finding for you blog! I should just stop taking them and find other people's who are way better! haha.

You rock again mama, always!

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