Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 for 2 - for Nella and all the EXTRA special kiddos!!!!

And now a few words from Nella's mommy, the uber talented and highly hilarious and beautiful Kelle Hampton.


This year, we are launching the 2 for 2 Fund--hoping to raise $200,000 by the time Nella turns two. We're more than half way there, thanks to you.  A little more than $75,000 to go.  Every dollar given to the 2 for 2 Fund supports the NDSS whose mission is to to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.  Things are changing in our society, but it's only because people are working hard to change stereotypes, to recognize abilities and to tear down walls of discrimination.

I come to you as a mama.


What does any mom want for her child?  Hope.  Hope for a successful future, happiness, the opportunity to fulfill dreams.

I don't want anyone to ever tell me that my child's dreams are limited because of an extra chromosome.

And so I'm asking you for something. For Nella. For our family. For all these beautiful capable children and their families and thousands of others.

Whatever you can give. A whole 'lotta $5 and $10 donations went a long way last year. We can do it again.


Again....please click here to learn more and to donate {I just did and I am flat broke!}...even if you think it is not is significant!!!!!

Down syndrome creed

{Nella with mommy, Kelle Hampton}


undomestic chica said...

She's adorable! Target just put a boy with Downs Syndrome in some of their ads and you know what? I didn't even notice. I just thought, what a cute bunch of kids.

missy. said...

donated. thanks for sharing this! she is absolutely to die for.

Baby Making Mama said...

What a sweet beautiful little child! Thanks for spreading awareness about this cause you do-gooder you!! I want to help!

Confessions of a Single Mommy said...

I am your newest follower! Love your blog!

Taylor Morgan said...

Nella is so adorable! what a sweetie!

Ashley said...

awe. love it! going to check out that link now! thanks for sharing this lady :)

p.s.Dropping by to let you know I tagged yo on my blog! Tag! You're it!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Nella is too cute! Love her style! Headed over the check this out!

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