Monday, January 16, 2012

and now The Globes!

The Golden Globes, that is!  And fashion...that's what it is really about riiight!?  Right!

Up first, my absolute favorite....Ms. Kate Beckinsale!  Isn't she divine!?!  So fabulous. 

And although I thought Ms. Jessica Alba looked waaaaay.tooooo. fake tanned...I did love that dress!  What's wrong with fair skin?  I'd like to know!

I thought Claire Daines looked modern and edgy, but the back of the dress was gorg!!!


Tina Fey's dress was uber cool.  In my opinion, it looked as if she felt awkward though.  Do you agree?

And I could not find a great picture of Felicity Huffman....but her dress was ah-mazing as well.  Work it!

{sorry for the weird facial expression, Ms. Huffman!  It's all I could find.}

Now you KNOW I could not post on Miss Angie baby without including hunka-hunka hubby!  Gosh, he looks great.  Her dress, lips, accessories are all fantastic....but I wanna eat a cheeseburger FOR HER!  I mean, her shoulder bone is protruding for heaven sake!!!! Icky. 

And now for a few stand outs of the evening...litterally!  Maria Menounos!  Bow chicka bow wow.  Hotness.  And HELLO yellow!

She wore it better than Paula Patton....but I still liked that stand out quality on her too. 



Dame Helen Mirren KNOWS fashion.  Either that or she has a great fantabulous stylist!  Either way...lady knows how to rock it.  She knocked all of the, ahem, older actresses outta the water.  I mean....come on!  Absolutely stunning!

p.s. Madonna's acceptance speech was aw-kward times a billion.  Anyone else agree!?  Plus, did you hear all the cattiness between her and Sir Elton?!  They both need to get ov-ah themselves. 


KLaw said...

I didn't get a chance to watch, but these are all so gorgeous! Love the recap.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Helen Mirren always looks amazing!

I'm with you on Tina Fey. I just don't think she was feeling her dress.

Melissa said...

Dame Helen Mirren...she is amazing. And she's in her 60's! Hope to look that amazing when I get there.

Angelina...please eat something. She looks hotness...but

Baby Shopaholic said...

I love Claire Danes dress! That is my style! Helen Mirren is just so fly and always wears something sexy and age appropriate

bananas. said...

oh the mellow yellow...definitely love those looks best!

i missed the show so you'll have to let me know how ricky gervais did.

undomestic chica said...

You crack me up. I LOVE Kate Beckinsale but I think her face looks more "fake tanned" than miss Jessica Alba.

And I don't love Angelina's dress. I know I'll probably get stoned for saying it but I think she's worn so much better.

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