Thursday, June 23, 2011

terrific thursday tribute

I kinda feel silly posting this right after my most funniest post to date.  Thanks, Mayra

But, my heart is insisting that I do.  You see....I have been following Cindy Foote, and her blog, This Poetic Present, for quite awhile now.  She is amazing.  She is inspiring.  She words can fully describe her and her heart!

She and her family have been waiting to bring their third little girl, Keemberlie, home from Haiti for a very unfair length of time.  They are not new to the adoption process, so they have been patient.  But, as you can imagine....patience wears thin.  And they are aching to bring Keemberlie home.  Where she belongs...

Cindy wrote this for Keemberlie recently. 


You look peaceful as you float the sky

But you powerfully shift the tides

Fullest moon while you're up high

Would you please upon my child shine

Remove the oceans in between us

Waive the endless sands of time

Guide her eyes to gaze upon your glowing

And do not hide your face from mine

Share your cosmic space if just a moment

Be our meeting place in still of night.

for Keemberlie, love Mom

(c) 2011 Poetic Present Poems
So beautiful.  I can only imagine the strength they must carry to make it through each day.  I know their Libby and Gracie provide that to them.  And of course the big man upstairs! 
You can help Cindy, Keemberlie and their family.... purchasing her music via a digital download, here, at No Double Yellow Line.  And by doing so, you will be helping to assist them in bringing another angel home.

Spread the word. 

Speaking of spreading the word...don't forget about them either!

Help us, if you can!

They, too, deserve to bring a special angel home.

Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone,

but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute,

you didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.

~ Unknown

1 comment:

jodi said...

oh i so hope they get to bring her home soon. the adoption process can be a hard and lengthy one...I have friends going though a similar thing at the moment. thanks for sharing!

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