Friday, June 10, 2011

Flashback Friday - Childhood Memory - 06.10.11

I am joining in on another Photography Challenge, this time with White Peach Photography Blog.  I think I am doing these, just to get better.  Plus, it is fun to see all of the other great entries.  And learn.* 

Today, June 10, 2011 theme is Childhood Memory!!!

{click on photo for an enlarged view}

I immediately knew I wanted to use this photo.  I snapped this a few months back at a restaurant.  This little girl was completely in her own My Little Pony World...and well, it took me back.  So, Childhood Memory. 

Here's to FRIDAY!!!  {finally}  And to a fabulous weekend....Cheers! 

*And speaking of learning....can anyone school me on how to get larger photos on this here lil ole blog of mine?!?


Ashley said...

ohmygosh...i remember playing with my little ponies! WOW! flash back :) cute picture lady!

Karli K. said...

Did you start at Day 1 with this photo challenge?

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Friday Meli Love!!!!
What a great pic!
I forgot awhile back you said you would maybe want me to spruce up your blog! Do you still?, that would be fun!
Let me know if you need help getting your pics bigger too!
Love ya
gi gi

Jess said...

Love the photo! Great capture of childhood.

Tanya said...

This IS a great shot!

When I upload the pictures on my blog, if you click on it there are options beneath the photo "small, med, large, x-large, etc" I usually use large, personally, but x-large if its a vertical shot works most times.

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