Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blogger Book Swap - The Goods

I took part in a Blogger Book Swap with Lindsay of Undomestic Chica and Claire of Bicoastally.  I am a new reader and thought it would be fun to see who and what book I received.  I love finding new blogs, and people that I adore, so this was a fun and new setting for all of that.  

I was teamed up with Claudia of Claudia Confesses!  

Miss Claudia sent me So 5 Minutes Ago by Hilary de Vries, or "some chic lit," as she said in her note.  Ha! 

{poor lighting, sorry about that!}

I'll say, since becoming "an adult reader" I have not been into much chic lit, so this should be fun and interesting.  The reviews are pretty good, and for a brief re-cap of the story line:

Alex Davidson has been a celebrity publicist for three years at an L.A. public relations firm that has seen better days. She is a professional hand-holder, little better than a nanny, to some famous and not-so-famous stars. When the company is bought out, Alex is unsure how long she'll be kept on board. In between juggling stars who are just out of rehab, arranging photo shoots, orchestrating red-carpet events, and spinning publicity stunts that went bad, Alex has to decide if she is going to look the other way as her old boss gets pushed out and how to handle the partner who may or may not be hitting on her. Told with biting humor and an insider's edge, this novel takes us behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and exposes the secrets of celebrity publicity. In a purely fictional first novel that often reads like a gossip column, de Vries drops numerous well-known names. A fun read for anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood. Carolyn Kubisz

So since I am having a hard time really getting into Mr. Steven Tyler's book, I am sure this is the one I will pick up next! 

Thanks Claudia...I really hope you enjoy Little Bee as much as I did.  

And because this goes hand in hand....I thought you all might like to take a little peak at some of what the wonderful, and funny, and pretty lady, Lindsay sent me when I won her giveaway.  

First of all, she sent me something that WAS NOT in the giveaway and I will forever love her for that.  It is TRAFFIC STOPPER COPPER nail polish...and I am IN love, ya'll.  This stuff is magic.  It is a summer MUST HAVE, if you ask me.  And it looks good on EVERY skin tone!  No lie.  Numerous ladies around my office went and purchased some after they saw me rocking it....and I am tellin' ROCKS!  This is my favorite....

And another very close favorite would be that awesome 3D lipgloss you see above by Lorac.  I have been living in this too.  You see that "life sized" photo of me in my huge header I created above?  Oh could you miss that?!?!  Hehehehe.  Yeah, well, that is the 3D lipgloss.  DA BOMB!!!!   

I have yet to try out the black crackle OPI nail polish or the Sally Hansen Nail Effects.  But, they are coming, have no fear!  I am sure they are just as fabulous....maybe.  Those will be hard to top.  

So, Lindsay....I thank you!  From the bottom of my butt.  You know...'cuz it's a lot larger than my heart.  But it comes from the same loving place!!!!  I heart you lady.  A lot.  And all of your fabulous summer favorites!!!!  I am relishing in them....

p.s. How cute are her little blue notes?!?!  


Summer said...

Meli you crack me up! LOL you said Thank you from the bottom of my butt I say that all the time and was floored when I read that you wrote it except gurl your butt is not big and I luv that pic of you on your header it really is fabulous....that lipgloss looks fab on you, love that color nail polish, you will love those nail strips so fun, crackle polish is fun too you add a coat of regular polish than the crackle and it cracks and shows that color and the color underneath....pretty rock starish....The hubs is reading the Steve Tyler book too I'm thinkin if you can't get into it I prob wont either LOL


undomestic chica said...

So glad you participated and so glad you liked your winnings! I'm wearing the copper topcoat again, but only on one hand 'cause that's how you paint your nails when you have kids - in stages.

Claudia said...

Hi Meli... gosh sorry I sent you an older book, but I must have donated alot of books to the library because I couldn't find the one I wanted to send initially. (but I kept so 5 minutes ago because I really liked it, so I hope you do too!)
FYI in case you are interested it was Fortunate Son by Walter Mosley.

Melissa said...

That nail polish is to die for! If I only had nails. Hey, maybe I can try it on my feet :)

I got into Steven's book...maybe 1/3 of the way and I stopped. But I need to finish it as its due back anyday.

Tiffany said...

That copper polish is awesome!!! I need some fun sparkly polish for my summah time toes.

georgia~gigi said...

Hey Meli Love!!!!
I will have to try that lip gloss, it looks awesome on you!!!!
I want to try those Sally Hansen nail effects too! They look super fun!
I bought some opi crackle, yet to try it! Cloe did and she loves it!
Happy reading!!!! I am off to go back outside and finish my book ( Love Wins, I so recommend it, love it)
Love you Meli Girl!
gi gi

blueviolet said...

Now I want to try that copper nail polish too!

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