Tuesday, June 21, 2011

just being TRENDY, that's all....

Do you remember this post?  My Layla and the wind in her hair.  Yeah, well, the Trendy Treehouse thought I my picture was worthy enough to be called a WINNER!!!  Thanks. 


And since we are on the subject of trendy....
trendy adj \ˈtren-dē\

trend·i·er; trend·i·est

Definition of

1: very fashionable : up-to-date
I see that the main theme and trend around the blogosphere today is that it is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!  Whoo hooo...
Ummmm.  It's been 90+ degrees in Houston, Texas since the 1st day of March.  Maybe even February.  So excuse me while I do not celebrate.

But I won't be a complete stick in the mud.  Here are some images that make me long to be near a pool.  By a beach.  Sun rays beaming.  Tunes a streaming.  Yeah....you can take me there!

Summer is kind of like the ultimate one-night stand: hot as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it.

~ Cosmopolitan

So cheers to you - First Day of Summer!  I hope you feel welcome....you sure have already worn it out!


Summer said...

whoo hooo I knew you would win, with photog skills like yours, the cutest subject (Miss Red Curlz) to photograph ya had it in the bag! Congrats girlie I am so proud of you! The pic of the lady in the had dancing in the flowers was so cute yet made me laugh so hard I dunno why Ha! I love that quote about summer so funny! great pics great post...

love ya

georgia~gigi said...

Hey Meli Love!!!! Look at you Winning ( he he.... ya know Charlie Sheenin' it)
No, that is an awesome pic of miss thang! You rock at photography!!!
Yay, for Summer! Our tornado sirens went off last night at 1am so.... yes Summer is here in Iowa!
I love that diving board pic, super cool!
Lots of love
gi gi

*D* said...

congrats on the win! your daughter is absolutely adorable! here in Ohio I'm loving everything about summer, though I wish I was closer to a beach right now... hope you're keeping cool! :)

undomestic chica said...

Wooohooo! Congrats lady! I don't envy your heat, but I envy that you've had sun for so long.

bananas. said...

yessss!!! BRING IT!!! i've been waiting so long for this season, it seems. 'bout time it show up!

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