Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet summertime

In an attempt to get my mind off the terrible, frightening, sickening situation that was our Sunday, I am joining Nicolasa with {My} Perspective to bring a little bright, happy and cheerful back into existence!  Or what we also know as SUMMER! 

I could not decide which photo and quote I wanted to use, so I did both!  But since I am always heavy with Layla pictures, I am going to use the 1st Quotography as my submittal this week.

Quotography at {My}Perspective

Which one do you prefer?


blueviolet said...

The color and sunny nature of these photos is just perfect!

georgia~gigi said...

Omg, I love love love both these bright, sunny, happy pics! Or quotography, I should say ( I love that!!!)
You photography is Rockin by the way! The coloring is perfect! Keep doing whatcha doing!
Big Smooch
gi gi

Lisa said...

Wow. That summer umbrella is certainly singing SUMMER FUN at the top of its lungs! Love both shots and quotes.

Silver Strands said...

Yup - that's the best way to get rid of gloom and yuck .... fill the space with happy!

Cheryl Ann said...

i looooove rainbow umbrellas! so pretty ;)

so, in response to your questions - i work for a computer networking company (we do installs, support, help desk stuff, etc.). i am a project manager so i travel to project sites occasionally to meet clients or to help with the jobs. one of my clients is a bank brach located near military bases all over the US, which explains the consistent travel schedule! honolulu in 2013, baby!!

are you from Cypress? what high school did you go to? i am from spring - i graduated from klein in 01.

cailen ascher said...

i love that first quote. so simple and eloquent : )

cute blog - i'm your newest follower

Nicolasa said...

Both are so fun and colorful!

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