Thursday, May 13, 2010

Houston International Festival

Bare with me here.  I am taking it back a month or so.  Saturday, April 17, 2010 to be precise. 

Welcome to the Houston International Festival - Carribean Style! 

I was so excited to go to this festival.  Ever since I moved to Houston in 2001, I have wanted to go, but because of this, that and the other, I never have been able to.  That all changed this year!  And I am so glad it did.  This is probably THE best festival I have ever been to.  And that is saying a lot coming from the Land of Fiesta!!! 

Layla was a dancin' fool!  There was reggae and steel drums all around us.  So relaxing and enjoyable!

Bust a move baby girl, show 'em how to do it!

You ruined my cute shot buddy!  Whatever...

Me...hello! - I did not chop off my hair.  I look a bit like Sinead O'Conner...while rockin' the pony tail!

Look!  Even Elmo made it out to the festival.  Although Layla wanted NOTHING.  Not.a.thing. to do with him.  That's strange to me?  She watches him  You would think she would want to meet him, but nope!


She was, however, loving this carnival ride!

And she also loved her face painting!!!

And her pony ride...

Nasa was out and representing BIG TIME!

Another mural...I think this is the third mural she has been a part of...very cool!  Budding artist!

And check out this massive doggie Layla quickly made friends with...woof woof!

I highly suggest this festival if you are in Houston.  And if you happen to be in Houston while this is going on, it is a must visit, in my opinion!

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Tiffany said...

oooo thanks for posting! I heart festivals :) I will definitely add this one to my Houston events for times when I visit my sister.

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