Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a Merry Christmas!

Hi guys!  And a Merry {belated} Christmas to you....

Christmas came and went....and we were left with an extremely spoiled little girl!  But, this is nothing new.  We are blessed....and I count my blessings.

In other news....my poppa celebrated 70 wonderful years of life on Christmas Eve!

It was a fabulous celebration.  Happy Birthday, Daddy, and thank you for all the love and support....I couldn't ask for better I tell ya!

And in semi-unimportant news, Chris Rene placed 3rd on X Factor.  That sucks....but he will be fine anyway.

Hope your Christmas was all that and more.....many blessings to you and yours!


bananas. said...

i love your family photos!!! you look smashing dahling and holy wow you've got a nice rack. baby daddy must be proud! hahaha.

hope you had a very merry christmas!

undomestic mama said...

I meant to text you and tell you how adorable your Christmas card was, but then I got swept up in life! Hope you had an amazing Christmas!

*D* said...

beautiful family pics! and awesome boots by the way! :)

L. said...

So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas--you guys are one good lookin' family! :D

georgia ~ gi gi said...

ya, I am with Bananas. lol!
Can I borrow those for a day?!!!!
Looking GOOD SISTA!!!
Love my Christmas card!!!!!

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