Thursday, September 15, 2011

what we've been up to!

What's up ya'll?  Long time....not alotta from me, eh?  I've had lots of important business to tend to....i.e. find a car so my mom could have hers back....

Well, I am here to tell you...check that off the list 'cause momma found herself a car!  A 2010 Nissan Altima, to be hear that?


That is some of this major stress I have been dealing!!!!  And it feels oh so good.

In other news, I got really mad at Houston!  Yes, in the city I live in.  So I jumped in the {my mom's} car and left town last week to go to San Antonio to find/buy a car.  And buy a car I did!  Without having to finance, Houston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did ya hear that, Houston?  It is and was possible.  Shove it!  I am so over you....for so many reasons. 


After I found a car....signed on the dotted line and headed to the best place in the world for a lady recouperating from a broken ankle to be.....

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, of course!!!!  {insert WTF? face here}

Where my lil munchkin continued to amaze me with her fearless nature.  She rode the White Water Tube Chute.  For those of you who don't know....this is a level RED DIAMOND....but Richard was confident Layla could do it.  Here's the Red Diamond description for your reading pleasure:

High thrill and/or deep water attractions requiring great rider control, swimming skills, and/or physical condition. Can be stressful to those who fear heights, high speeds, or enclosed places. Do not use if you have health limitations. Requires great rider control, swimming skills and/or physical condition.

Not exactly the type of swimmer I am categorizing Layla with...but she did it!  But not before momma freaked out and insisted I go before her, and Richard right after.  There is no holding onto multiple tubes while going down this ride so girlfriend went by.her.self!!!!  And since I do not have a picture of it....take this as an example.
{Layla's 1st waterslide, circa June 2009}

It was another slap in the face for realize exactly how fast she is growing up!!!!! Can someone, anyone make.this.stop!?!

Speaking of making things stop.  Texas and surrounding states really need these wild fires to STOP!!!!  They are devestating and leaving lives in ashes, litterally.

My close girlfriend nearly lost her PawPaw the other day when an unexpected wildfire engulfed his farmland and surrounded his home.  All while he was taking a mid-afternoon nap.  He is 84 years old, yet still runs his farm all by his lonesome. 

Nothing short of a several little miracles all falling into place at once to save her Pawpaw's life. While taking a nap, his phone rang, and he was informed that his house was surrounded by fire. That's a butane tank {that could have made a huge explosion} next to the house in the above picture. Hundreds of acres of his pasture burned.

But, they are so thankful....for the call that woke him.  So sad, yet so thankful!  It obviously could have been so much worse.

Even closer to the big city known as Houston....the fire crept closer this week and engulfed George Bush Park.  Scary....just miles from my home!!!  And even more homes in imminent danger! 

This is what the sky looked like overhead on our way home....

An errie scene, no doubt!  Mother Nature....please bring rain!!!!!! 


In other girl is learning to swing like a big girl.!  Check out her skillz...

See!?!  Full on pumpin' going on!!!!  Back and forth.  Lean back, tuck your legs under.  Oh yeah!  I am so proud of her.  Yet sad, once again.  She is growing leaps and bounds....and I am not sure I am ready for it all!  She's already talking about Kindergarten next year.  **sad face**

Oh, and she is also begging and pleading for a baby sister!!!  ugh.  And every sentence starts with, "When God gives us my baby sister...."  Please pray her dog brother, Sammie, is enough.  Momma is soooooo good with just my Red Curlz!!! 

And I cannot leave without more drama in our lives.  My grandma, Honey, fell on Wednesday morning and was admitted to ICU with a brain bleed.  While she is stable now, we sure could use all the positive vibes and prayers for her!!!!

{my Honey and my baby - I adore Layla's fro in this pic!}

Happy Thursday ya'll!  I'll be back tomorrow to share a fabulous Glamour Party with you all.  Stay tuned. 


Carrie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I will keep her and your family in my thoughts and pray that she is better soon.

The fires in Texas. Devastating. It hasn't been anywhere near my home, but I have friends and family down there that have been affected by it. Breaks my heart! We finally got a tiny bit of rain today and are expecting more this weekend, so hopefully they'll be rain all over Texas soon!

Congratulations on your new car!! So exciting that you finally found something. I know that has to be a big relief. I have an altima too and I love it. Now mine is a 2006, but it was the first brand new car I have ever bought!

Little Layla is so cute! And fearless! I can't believe she went down that slide. The pictures on the swing are just too cute. She looks so proud of herself that she is swinging on her own. Adorable!

Ashley Stone said...

Congrats on the new car! Glad you had fun at the water park. That's scary about the fire!!

Marilyn said...

Great post Meli.. You photo's are beautiful.. Layla's fro <---I SUPER LOVE.. She's soo cute.. :))

undomestic chica said...

Oh Meli, I have so much to say about this:
1)I love Nissans! I refuse to drive anything else, except somehow I ended up with a Ford.
2)Praise the Lord your friend's PawPaw was saved! I'm so sorry for everything that's going on over there, I wish it would just STOP.
3)That pic of Layla going down the water slide is adorable. Such a good capture of time.
4)Hilarious that Layla's asking for a baby sister.
5)I will be praying and praying for your Honey.
6)Love you, that is all.

Tiffany said...

Hooray for a new car!!! What a load off that must have been. I can't beieve Miss Layla did a Schlitterbahn ride all by her self, well with mom and dad going before and after her. You are right, these sweet babes grow up way too fast! I am sorry to hear about your Honey. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers for your family...and for more rain and less fire. Happy Friday, Meli!

Ashley said...

Praying for Texas and your sweet grandmother!!!

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