Friday, September 16, 2011

Glam It Up!!!!

Layla attended a Glamour Birthday Party on Sunday at Snip-Its in Sugarland.  To say this kid friendly salon is an understatement!!!!! 

Not only does Snip-Its provide over the top dress up parties, but they also cut hair!  Mostly for kids....but I am sure they wouldn't turn anyone away!!!!  Just check out how fun this place is. 

Those three cuties above you are Flyer Joe Dryer, Maranga Mirror and Curly Comb, respectively.

And their fabu-friends, Marlene and Charlene, the clip-ette sisters, with Jean Luc le Spritz!  Tres cute-ness!!!!

Upon arrival, they usher you into the dress up suite, where there is a wardrobe closet full of fancy dresses and shoes.  Layla was in heaven, to say the least.  She just stood there and stared for a while...ha!

Once you picked out your evening gown, it was time to be-dazzle it!  This place was such fun...I just can't even beging to explain.

Then each party goer had a chance to pick one of six hair-dos.  That is the birthday girl, Adelie, getting dolled up.  So cute and sweet.  Not gonna lie...I was a bit worried with how Layla's hair would look after they were done with it....

But they did a pretty Princess 'do that pleased my Princess! Gooooooo Snip-Its!!!!

Then it was time to sit down and apply their own make up!!!!  And decorate their Melissa & Doug vanity mirrors, or door hangers.  Layla chose a vanity mirror, that came out terrific!!!

Here she is all decked out in her, Snip-Its finest, I should say!  We did not keep the clothes or jewelry.  Just the hair-do and make up were ours to keep!  And the party bag, of course!

Here is Layla with her great friend, and birthday girl - Miss Princess Adelie!!!! 

And with Adelie's older sister, Clodie, who Layla - no doubt - considers her friend as well!

Isn't she a beauty???!!!!!???  I just can't get over her lovely features.  God given lovely features!

The red carpet was rolled out.... all these pretty lil ladies could strut their stuff! 

Layla had NO problems showing off her twirly dress to her old friend!!!  It was definitely a day to remember... 

So Happy sweet 4th birthday, Adelie!!!  You are such a beautiful soul, inside and out!  Layla is proud to call you, and your fabulous sister, Clodie, her true friends! 



Carrie said...

So fun! We have a place like that here in Dallas and they have a pink limo that you can add and it'll go pick up all the girls and bring them back. Wish they had these kinds of places when I was a kid! Ha!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a fun day! My girls would love doing that for a birthday!

Such fun memories for everyone.:)

*D* said...

what a fabulous day!! perfect for young girls. heck, i'd even like it as a big girl! :) hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Marilyn said...

Awwwww Mel, this is sooooo darn adorable!!!! I love it..You have to add this to pinterest...Soo cute :)) Your daughter is such a lil darling..Great photos :))

georgia~gigi said...

You girls are always partying!
Wow, and what grand parties you all are going to.
Layla looked Fabulous!!!!

Ashley said...

Wow...that looks like a party! Why, can't grownups have parties like that? lol. Your cutie is precious! :)

Tiffany said...

OMG. I wanna play!!!!!! What a fun party. Sweet Layla looks even sweeter in her twirly pink dress. And again with your awesome eye for amazing colors! Great pics, great partay. xoxox

Baby Making Mama said...

How fun!! I wish I was there! What a fun party!! Your little Layla looks SOOOO CUTE!!!!

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