Monday, September 5, 2011

Manic Monday - Labor Day 2011

The men who labored on a rainy night to build a bridge were no ordinary laborers.

They helped us to zip by, and thereby made our lives easier.


Often we turn a blind eye towards laborers and workers who toil to make our lives better.


On this Labor Day, let us acknowledge and appreciate their effort.


~ Anatole France


Kori Donahue said...

Wow what a great tribute! Have a great night doll. Hope you can enter my giveaway!

Kori xoxo

Marilyn said...

LOVE this tribute.. Amazing photo's as well.. :)) Thanks sor stopping in ;))

ps:(I wanted to send you an email but I can't for some reason, would you mind sending me your contact email pweeease..? TY so much..)

ricebabies said...

Your little is getting so big and prettier and prettier. I guess you know you have hard times ahead. lol

blueviolet said...

Absolutely!!!!! What a wonderful post!

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