Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a Hump Day Birthday

Today is ole dudes birthday!  You know....the ole dude who gave me this blessing....


Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Men are like wine:


some turn to vinegar,


but the best improve with age.


The jury is still out on him....bwahahaha!!!  I couldn't resist.  FYI - He is on the vinegar path though....someone better recognize!!!

With that is also HUMP DAY!  {not for him!  Ha - again, couldn't resist!} 






Ya'll make it a good day....make it count! 


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are a hoot!

Thank you for posting all of those positive messages! Def needed that and keep 'em coming :)

undomestic chica said...

Happy Birthday Richard!

Carrie said...

Definitely needed those positive quotes! I am in major PMS mode over here. And I love your little comments between...hilarious.

Tiffany said...

Ha! Great quotes. Happy Birthday Dude! Have a good one.

Pop Champagne said...

aww love the quotes! and haha some things (a lot actually) DOES improve w age! happy birthday to the lucky guy :D

georgia~gigi said...

Men get better when you've had wine, or maybe better when you've both had wine, lol!
Give that Boy some lovin' for his birthday Meli Girl!
Layla needs a lil brother!
love you
gi gi

Baby Making Mama said...

Aww happy birthday to Richard!Your girl and her hair is so stinking cute!!! Hey, how far are we apart? like 2 hours? It's just nuts that we haven't gotten together yet!

Baby Making Mama said...

PS: SO when are you gonna have another?!

Hair Romance said...

What a sweet birthday post! Your little girl Layla is adorable!

Christina @ Hair Romance x

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