Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a Tuesday mish-mash!

Hey ya'll!  Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  I feel like I should start this off with a....

NO!  I still have not found my car!!!!!  The search continues....

{I sure wish I could be car searching for an old skool caddy! Source.}

Now that's outta the way...here is what my days have looked like since I left you last week.  Friday was boring.  We were going to go out to eat, but some friends popped in unexpectedly and the out to eat plans went out the window!  Ah well....you win some, you...lose.  Yeah, I know about this one quite well now.  Let's move on. 

Richard has a bad tooth ache.  He's miserable.  Like a baby.  Yeah, let's move on.  We have dental insurance, so no sympathy here. 


Saturday was the Mall.  Baaaad BAD mistake on my part.  I meant to put my walking foot cast thingy on before we left.  I forgot.  The return walk to the side of the mall we parked on....was....well, like bones grinding together and I did not think I would make it before I fell out from the pain.  I did!  Such a trooper.  Ahem, Richard!


But did I let that stop me from joining my photog friend for an impromptu photo shoot of High School Seniors!?!  Hell nah.....this is Meli.  Not Richi.  ha!

Super sweet girls, and BFF's!

Sunday we grocery shopped!  I know, I know....fun times!!!  We can skip this part...actually no!  We can't...I just found a picture that is what I SHOULD have looked like, with the way my ankle was still hurting!  So here.


Oh yeah....I snuck in a TON o this too....LAUNDRY!!!!

{Tho' it was not this cute.}

We ended our Labor Day Holiday, yesterday, at IKEA!!!  Of all places.  I really am trying to kill myself, huh?  You see....Radio Disney was in full effect with their SHAKE IT UP promotion and my girl had to have a piece of it!!!!  So away we went.

Then.  And then!  Yesterday evening rolls around....and guess what I did?  I cracked open The Help!  That's right ya'll!  Another book for me....I haven't finished a book since Little Bee.  I am excited....it is so far an easy to follow read that I am enjoying.  So I should be finished just in time.....to buy the movie on DVD.  Ha!  Cheers for the short week....

Quotography at {My}Perspective

p.s. I don't think you guys could handle the way me and Red Curlz rock out in the car to The White Stripes you are currently listening to!  I just don't!  Too much to handle....we.are.ROCK.STARZ!  You better ask someone.



blueviolet said...

You are adorable, but I was wincing as I read about your pain. I'm so sorry!!!!!!

*D* said...

I read The Help this weekend too!! I loved the movie and just had to read the book. isn't it so good? I hope you have a fabulous week girl!

Jan n Jer said...

Nice shot n quote to go with it!!!
I can just see you n RED CURLZ rockin out to his song! LOL

missy. said...

so fun! love the pictures. especially the one with the coke, even though i'm not a coke fan.

also i hear you about walking on the broken foot. even though my ankle is healing sometimes it hurts like hell to have to stand or walk long periods of time. yuck! xoxo

Kayla said...

Think you'll really enjoy The Help...we're Shake It Up fans at our place too. Sadly, we never have anything cool like a Shake It Up shindig come to our part of the world :(

Pop Champagne said...

the pics are great, and too bad about your foot! it'll heal soon :D

Tiffany said...

Everyone I know is raving about The Help, book and movie. I totally need to get.on.board and read it already. Geez. Love the song...one of my faves. I rock out to it too. It sucks you are still having to hobble around. I bet you will be running and jumping and rocking out all over the place when this injury is behind you. Cheers to faster healing. Hang in there!

georgia~gigi said...

Hi Sugar Sugar!
Well, I am sorry you still haven't found a car... damnit! I hope you find the perfect one soon. I am on the look for a car for Mr. Kyle. It's hard.
Love this Meli Mash post!
Love the photo shoot you did. Super cool pics, and love the backgrounds!
I sent you an email for a link to the seahorse ring. Let me know if you didn't get it or have any problems with it!

Love ya Meli Girl! Hope your week is going well!
gi gi

undomestic chica said...

Haha, we just hosted a promotion with Bella Thorne at a local mall and it was out of control! So sad to hear about your foot, when should it be healed all the way? Please please get an old school car like that, and then drive up to Seattle so we can road trip somewhere cool.

Cheryl Ann said...

i am reading the help right now - so pumped ;)

hope all is good with you and yours...between your car accidents and the fires, hope you guys are well!!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

Love this post! It makes me smile/laugh/wince in pain!

Great shot of the book store and I am so excited you're reading that book. It's one of my faves!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Those photos of the girls are beautiful! I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon! You also just reminded me that I need to do laundry! haha


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