Wednesday, July 6, 2011

who, what, where, huh....blogger?!?!

I can only imagine with the troubles I am still having with blogger....what this might do to us?  Or, our blogs, rather!?! 

Google acquired Picasa in 2004 and Blogger (co-founded by Evan Williams of Twitter) in 2003.

Good luck out there. 


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I haven't had trouble yet. Fingers crossed.

Summer said...

oh no...LOL blogger is already being crazy after it's little meltdown geez if it merges hard to tell whats gonna happen LOL

Girl don't be silly those few lines weren't for you LOL...they were for remember I do need to rest and they were really for my hubs who nags me to rest everyday and I wanted to show him the pics that when I'm happy I fight harder now he agrees then tells me go rest LOL...I love you told me to rest my best friends do all the shows me how much you care
love ya
So keep on tellin' me to rest pretty girl I often need the reminder for real....


Melissa said...

Nooo! Say it ain't so! Blogger is being a real pain lately! Argh!

bananas. said...

i pulled a picture #2 and kissed my dogs like crazy!

slobbery kisses are the best ya know.

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