Saturday, July 23, 2011

a sad saturday

Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London apartment.  Such a shame.


Although the press predicted this for years and it seemed inevitable due to the way she chose to live her's still sad.  Such talent.  So young.  Another life lost.  She was only 27! 


Rest in Peace.  Your music will live on.  And may this sweet girl remain in your parents heart and I pray God brings them peace and understanding.

amy winehouse before drugs Amy Winehouse Before Drugs

So far removed from all that we went through

And I tread a troubled track

My odds are stacked

I'll go back to black

~ Back to Black by Amy Winehouse



Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

So so sad.


bananas. said...

sad but totally expected.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

This really is sad. I didn't realize she was only 27. That is so young! I hope this can be an example to others somehow.

S said...

It was such a sad ending to a great talent. May she have peace now and her demons be banquished.

Tiffany said...

Oh no. That is very sad. So young, such talent...what a waste. From my own experience of losing someone due to similar circumstances, my thoughts and prayers go out to her family. I know how incredibly frustrating the road to this end must have been. RIP Ms. Winehouse.

Ashley said...

very very very sad....only 27...WOW.

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