Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fun Day - Ride Away with Me!!!

Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy,
All for the love of you!

It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle made for two.

Bicycle Built For Two

~ Harry Dacre

My Layla has been enjoying this song too recently, and I have too.  I find myself singing it throughout the day and then wishing I had a bicycle built for two to take part in a lovely morning, or evening ride!  Ahhhh the power of day dreaming! 

Come away with me, will you?  I promise it'll be fun....

{all images via pinterest}

Ya'll have a nice weekend, m-kay!?!


Silver Strands said...

I love this Meli ... I've only been on a bicycle built for 2 one time - it was with my best friend when I was 12. Best day ever! Have a great weekend.

Ashley said...


georgia~gigi said...

Happy Friday Meli Love!!!!
I want a bike so bad! We have a really pretty bike trail not too far from us!
I think I found the one I want at Target!
I love the pic of the couple, so cute!
Lots of love
gi gi

The Tiny Team said...

I love these bike pics! Oh. My. GOSH!!

Your little girl is SO CUTE! Are you kidding me with that amazing hair and her cute little nose!

You are one blessed mama!


Claire Kiefer said...

These are so sweet. :) I'm dreaming of bicycles too . . . but not these kind . . . MOTORCYCLES!!! haha. I have become entirely obsessed with Sons of Anarchy (have you seen it??) and therefore with biker culture, and all I can think about is finding a bad boy biker to ride around with! hahaha. :)

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