Tuesday, March 15, 2011

to my Bella of Sweden and Japan

As much as I have been praying and keeping Japan in my positive thoughts...

It slipped my mind, until right now!!!!!!!...that this sweet blog friend of mine left last year to school in Japan.  In Kyoto.  And while her blogging is not very frequent as of late, I still think of her often and her tremendous opportunity to school in Japan and the awesome experiences she has had....and now this tragic occurence. 


She is young.  She is vibrant.  She is funny.  {see above}  And she is gorgeous, among many other fabulous qualities.  While she is okay.  She is obviously hurting due to the destruction of her beloved Japan. 

Please keep her in your prayers too as she navigates her uncertain, but no doubt, bright future. 

Stay strong, keep believing. 

1 comment:

Bella|Lea said...

Thank you! You're very sweet! I hope everything will be better soon. Everyone is so worried, leaving the cities and even the country. I will go home to Sweden 22nd, but even though I'm save I hope that nothing happens when I'm gone. Some of my friends will be staying.. This is a very dark time for Japan!

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