Friday, March 11, 2011

New Mexico Bound

Well, okay.  Couldn't resist....once I started looking at my NM pics, I had to type up a post - real quick like.

So, here we are preparing to head to the airport.  Layla was dressed to kill.  Thanks to Matilda Jane and Snazzie Drawers.  A big shout out to those fabulous ladies, once again!

Here we are arriving at the airport, with a few pit stops to prepare ourselves....

{for momma}

{for baby girl}

Although I think I needed her straw size...ha!  I kid, I kid....kinda.

Although this was not Layla's first airplane trip, I do believe it is the first one she will recall.  And boy, she was ex-cit-ed!!!  Proof below.

And when you have a flight crew as fun as the one we was only a glimpse of the fun times to come...

It was a easy trip with my lil one.  Thanks to her Disney DVD player and my corona

The views = amazing.

There was one issue.  The popping of the lil ones ears while landing....

Popped in some gum to chew on...blew out while holding her nose closed...and all was well in the world again. 

Stay tuned for our El Paso landing and is truly quite a story to tell!

{all images are MINE and I am proud of them.  So, please give credit where credit is due if you wanna use any!  Thanks!}


Tiffany said...

Oh what fun!!! Great pics, great Layla style, great story....I CANNOT wait to read and see the rest. Glad to have you back, chica! Yay for new cameras!!!!

Tiffany said...

haha...just saw this post!

You have to have the most precious girl in the world! ....My fear about flying ...the ears popping. I was sick a few weeks ago and my ear still haven't popped and I hate this feeling!

undomestic chica said...

Poor Layla! Glad she got the ear thing figured out. Can't wait to read more...

georgia~gigi said...

Oh My Goodness what fun Airplane pics! That lil Layla she was dressed to kill, so so cute!
Ah, ha ha I love that you took a pic of the flight crew guy ( he does look fun)
Can't wait to see more of your pics and hear about all the fun!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend Meli Girl!
Love ya
gi gi

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