Monday, March 21, 2011

Rewind to New Mexico Vacation

I think know I'm overdue to post some of my hundreds and hundreds of photos from our venture to visit my parents at their vacation home in New Mexico.  Carrizozo, to be exact.  Yeah....look it up!  ha.

So, I will pick up where I left off.  Landing in El Paso, Texas. 

My parents pointed out Juarez, Mexico, as we were pulling out of the town and I was snapping pictures like I was in Hawaii or something.  {It is clearly opposite.}

So.  This is Juarez.

Luckily, the scenery got prettier as we got further away from Texas.  Hey!  I can say that because I am a native Texan.  Hell, guess anyone could say that if they wanted too???  Freedom of speech rocks, right?!  Whatever.  DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!!!!!

We drove through a tunnel. 

I know, I know!  Calm down.  I know this is all very exciting stuff....bear with me....

Layla.  I am talking to you!!!!  She looks thrilled, no?!

For the record.  I thought her hair was bad with the Houston humidity....ha!  It ain't got nothing on the dry air of New Mexico. 

Destination: Cloudcroft, NM.

A cute, lil ole mining town.  I really wish this Old Apple Barn would have been open. wasn't.  Shame.

I was just happy  to get out and stretch my legs.  As was Layla...

And then, what to our wondering eyes should appear....but...SNOW!!!!

Yes.  This Texan and her mini-me were excited to see that miniscule amount of snow! 

Hey!  We traveled all the way from Houston, hardly ever sees snow, we.wanted.snow!!!!  So we immediately pulled over and had a...


{Tag teamin' against PoPo}

{On guard...PoPo was out to get us!}

And then back in the car we went!  It was a refreshing and much needed break that was followed by very memorable scenery. 

You always hear, "the pictures don't do it justice!"  And....well....what they say is true. 

I am going to end this portion of our trip right here.  'Cuz the next portion is high-larious!!!!  And I need a full post to do it justice.  Hope ya'll enjoyed this!  I enjoyed re-living it....

{all the images are mine.  so don't steal 'em, m-kay?!}


georgia~gigi said...

Aw, Meli Girl you rock! Hope I didn't pressure you too much into this post, he he!
Look at you two playing in the snow, so cute!
Love the pic of Layla looking thrilled, ha ha!
Can't wait to see more, ok I will be patient :) I am a fine one to talk, I have so many pics I could post! Need more blogging hours in the day!
gi gi

Jen said...

What a fun family trip! Next time, if you have room, take me with!! ;-)

Happy Monday Dear! xo

Tiffany said...

Yay!!! I heart NM. Cloudcroft brings back some good memories. Can't wait to see the rest of your fotitos. The landscape photos are beautiful and hip, hip, hooray for snow!!!

Louisa said...

Hi Meli, I followed you over from Fat Mum Slim's blog - so nice to have found your blog. The trip looks amazing! As an Aussie girl I love getting glimpses like this into other beautiful parts of the world!

Summer said...

How fun Meli, when did ya'll go? I love Red Curlz MJ dress I knew she would look fab in it! Don't you love MJ I am addicted LOL...check out how cute ya'll look having a snowball fight! She is so pretty just like her momma! I was laughing so hard as you were describing the views then you got to the tunnel and showed Layla's pic and that was so funny Kelcee looks like that when traveling too hahahaha!

Glad ya'll had so much fun! Those pics are fantastic and I can't wait to here part II!


bananas. said...

what the HELL were you doing near juarez mexico?! WOMAN don't you know that's the danger zone!

but i do love that last pic of your and your baby girl ginger. too cute! makes naners proud ;)

Miss Lindsay said...

I can't wait to hear more about this trip! Love that you stopped for pics in the snow. You'll love to look back on those.

Melissa said...

Aw snap! Look at you! These photos are spectactular!

My Mom's family originates from Juarez. I think it's a pretty town as well. And yeah! Don't Mess With Texas!! :P

Layla's expression is priceless.

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