Friday, March 25, 2011

New Mexcio: To Cloudcroft and beyond

The last time I left off at our New Mexico trip...we had reached the destination of Cloudcroft, NM where we were sure to see some snow.  Which we did, yay!!! 

And we were so captivated {and laughing} at Layla's exclamation, "Look!  More snow!" that we missed our turn off, right outside of Cloudcroft, to head to Carrizozo, my parents quaint lil town. 

Instead we were enjoying the scenery and we happened upon this cute lil place.

They had a cute farmers market, petting zoo and fun head cut outs for prime photo taking!

Say hello to my parentals!

Now you know where I get all my silliness from!  Ha.  This is priceless to me.  If you knew my dad, you would understand a lil more.  But, ahhhh!!!  I think I need to blow this up to an 8x10. 

That is Dolly.  Not really, but she looks like one.  If she is a girl.  I don't know?  Layla sure liked her though.

I think she even took on a resemblance while we were there.  Ha!   

I know, I am a nerd.  In case the above is not proof enough...see below.

Told ya so.  But, in case you still don't believe is more proof.

I could have cropped out my mom's butt....but, why?!  I love you too mom.  Kisses and hugs.

Okay.  I am sure you all get it by now.  NERDY!!!  I am pretty sure I had too much fun with these. 

And Layla was trying too hard here.

Trying too hard just for mommy?  Perhaps.  Love her.

So, if you are ever out near Hope, sure to stop by and say HI! 

We left there with some apple cider in hand {not a fan} and Layla talked MiMi into buying her a...

{one of those}

It wasn't until we packed up in the car and were still headed in the wrong {gorgeous} direction...

...that my parents realized...

Dad:  Does this look familiar to you, Sue?
Mom:  Not really?!

Me:  Oooo, ahhhh....**snap snap**  Yeah, the land has really changed.  From almost like...prairies.  It's gorgeous...
Dad:  Yeah, I don't think this is right.
Mom:  {Pulling out the NM map}
Me: Woooooow!!!!! So pretty.
Mom:  Oh no!  Yeah, this isn't right.  We are almost to Artesia!!!
Dad:  What?!  {turning the car around, not smiling}
Mom:  Yep.  We are about 45 miles past where we should have turned off!  {laughing}
Me:  Oops...oh well!  We'll just say that we are taking the scenic route! 

So we made it back to Cloudcroft in time for dinner.  Who cares that they picked us up from El Paso at 3?  Who cares that it should have only taken us 2 hours to get to Carrizozo?  Not me.  It's called truly living life! 

Who cares that we almost hit an elk making our way through the Muscelero Mountains on the way back to Carrizozo after dinner in Cloudcroft?  Um, I do!  I care a lot.

I cared so much that I would have actually drank one of those.  A Budweiser!  The last picture I snapped in Cloudcroft, NM.  It seems fitting, no?!


Ashley said...

Awww, looks like ya'll enjoyed yourself! Cute lil family! As always your baby is a doll ;)

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

looks like so much fun! that pic of your parents is hilarious and priceless:) You are so not a nerd, just a woman that knows how to have a good time no matter what!

Summer said...

I love you girl! Those pics rock! I have a bunch of cut out photos like that from this Mexican Restraunt that Greg claims we only go to for the wooden cutouts LOL everyone I take there I make them get a pic hahahahah, ya'll are so cute those are PRICELESS! Layla's dress is just so gorgeous she wears MJ so well!! OMG ya'll were going the wrong way, that convo was so funny and that budwiser sign looks so fitting after almost hitting an elk eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek....glad ya'll had such a fun scenic root, minus the whole almost hitting the elk part

love ya girl

georgia~gigi said...

Oh Meli Girl, I do love and appreciate your wonderful, funny commentary! Oh, you make me laugh!
I think I would Love to take a Roadtrip with you, let's put that on a bucket list, yours or mine, he he!
Your Mom and Dad look so sweet!
I really enjoyed these pics, keep em coming Love!
gi gi

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